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Cameras that shoot at 60fps are good for high-quality, regular speed results.Most are compatible with mounts and attachments to connect them to your bike, helmet, chest or even your dog (Go Pro’s Fetch is a real winner).It's a real shame that it seems to have shifted from evidence-gathering to making sure the police are doing the right thing.” The camera revolution started with a small-scale Home Office project in Plymouth eight years ago using 50 bulky camera kits.The camera unit was mounted on a headband and linked by wire to a hard drive.

The months-long saga and multimillion pound cost of the Plebgate affair could have been resolved in minutes if one of the officers had been wearing a body-worn camera.

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“The UK has the highest density of cameras per officer,” says Field.

“Almost every officer in the UK within the next year will have access to a camera for their front-line duty.

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Some include GPS which allows extra data to be recorded and sometimes overlaid on screen with the main footage.

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