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Among these resources, you will find: If you need help finding these items in any of our locations, please ask our friendly Library staff to assist you.The Greater Sudbury Public Library's Early Literacy Stations are designed to teach children 2-8 years old simple math, vocabulary and science based on the school curriculum.My husband is a great father and has always been very hands-on with the children who really love him and I don’t want to end up separated.AWith people spending more and more time online, accessing pornography and adult websites can be a big problem in modern marriages.No one wants their child to be that victim that we read about in the news all too frequently.Chatrooms are predators' dream come true and are the predominant online location where predators meet kids.At GSPL, we develop and support programs, services and collections to support children from birth through 8 years of age.We ask that you accompany your children to the Library and remain with them while they are here.

We offer many collections and resources intended for children for recreational reading pleasure and to support their school work.

Sites like Omegle that invite kids to talk to strangers are a parent's nightmare.

Teaching your child not to talk to strangers is one of the first lessons in life that a parent gives their child. Kids are naturally curious and many kids visit them thinking it’s no big deal. They are disturbing and ripe with nudity and explicit disgusting sexual behavior in addition to being havens for predators.

knows how important it is to be in contact with others in the same position as you.

Therefore, we are offering this web page for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder peer support.

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