Christian view dating after divorce

We'd seen the lives of our children changed forever.Years later, we continue to live with the ongoing pain and complications of a destroyed marriage.Most marriages in Bible times were arranged, and any contact between two prospective spouses was strictly monitored.Since the purpose of dating to find a spouse or to seek companionship with the opposite sex, biblically speaking, a married man or woman is not free to date, even if there is a pending divorce.God’s desire and mine is that every husband and wife enjoys each other to the fullest.Marriages are very special before the Lord, but the people in the marriages are even more special.We understood the anger, panic, abandonment, and feelings of being trapped that lead many people to divorce.

So Abraham listened to God and tied up Isaac and placed him upon an alter that he made.

But recent divorce statistics bear witness to the fact that nearly half of new unions fail within the first ten years.

Consequently, a growing number of newlyweds will eventually face the harsh reality that many Christian unions may not last until death.

The christian divorce facts for a bad marriage are: God is for divorce when needed, remarriage is right, a bad or wrong marriage is good to get out of, and God supports you even though His church may not!

I know we have covered a lot of ground, but let me share some final things with you in closing.

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Such a divorce, therefore, is a spiritual failure and should prompt those involved to focus on the Lord and not on seeking to replace the one being divorced.

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