David deangelo fat guy dating tips

Your experiences may be completely different depending on what level you’re at right now in your dating…I’ll leave that part to you.The purpose of this ‘Double Your Dating’ Review is simply to give you an idea of what you might be able to expect based on what I learned…Your failure with women can be attributed to your lack of understanding of the basic principles of approaching women and getting them to go out on a date with you.

This is a guy who practiced his pick up and dating game for years in the streets and to still actively applies the principles he teaches.I'm going to highlight somepoints I took notes on try to relate them to myself for discussion.Overall I was pretty impressed but at the same time not blown away as it really lacked any indepth discussion or revelation.When you pick up this book, you realize right away what this guy learned from his experiences.I would say the most eye-opening thing is how he explains the reason why women say they want a nice guy, but they make completely different choices when it comes to the men they date.

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