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Because this feature is currently incompatible with the overlay filesystem driver, a Docker daemon using “overlay” will not be able to take advantage of the to the host will be updated immediately to this newest host configuration.It sounds crazy, but setting or changing the hostname of a Linux system can be an extremely confusing process.Note: The Docker networks feature allows you to create user-defined networks in addition to the default bridge network. The exact details of how Docker maintains these files inside the container can change from one Docker version to the next, so you should leave the files themselves alone and use the following Docker options instead.Please refer to the Docker Embedded DNS section for more information on DNS configurations in user-defined networks. /dev/disk/by-uuid/1fec..on /etc/hostname type ext4 ... /dev/disk/by-uuid/1fec..on /etc/hosts type ext4 ... Four different options affect container domain name services.The domain name is distinct from the hostname and is determined by the resolver subsystem.I've trying to get dnsmasq working as a combined dns and dhcp server. In short, the DNS works fine for anything added to /etc/hosts, and the dhcp works fine, but the dhcp is not updating the dns with hostname information from clients.Otherwise dnsmasq can supply the name, but you have to configure that in /etc/or /etc/hosts first.Since dnsmasq is a DNS server, you need to have a domain name.

The DHCP client needs to send a name to have the name made available in the DNS.If IPv6 is enabled on the daemon, the public IPv6 Google DNS nameservers will also be added (2060::88::8844).Note: The file change notifier relies on the Linux kernel’s inotify feature.The arguments sent to the script are "add" or "del", then the MAC address, the IP address and finally the hostname.It should be relatively easy to quickly create a script that updates the hosts file. It turns out that a) i needed to give the fqdn in the hostname passed to the dhcp server, and b) my test 2 virtual machine clients were clashing mac addresses, which led to some obscure symptoms.

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