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Later postings in years to come by Jameson would prove that many of these quotes had a ring of truth in them while other statements by Jameson are still unknown. Jameson: "I am a female - a victim who has been pregnant 15 times and had 3 kids" Jameson: "I have been shot at, tied down and covered with snakes" Jameson: "I left home at 14" Jameson: "My father died when I was 13" Jameson: "An older brother escaped by joining the army" Jameson: "My other brother is a sexual predator - a pedophile" Jameson: "He abused me verbally, mentally, physically" Jameson: "My father died and in less than a year my brother was killed in Viet Nam" Jameson: "His name is on the WALl though I have never been able to face seeing it" Jameson: "My other brother kept coming around" Jameson: "I stabbed another would be rapist - a friend's father" Jameson: "I married at 17" Jameson: "And my mother said if I couldn't have the brother over for holidays she didn't want to be bothered.

So I left" Jameson: "I have the best marriage" Jameson: "My family is not welcome here - never seen the kids" Jameson: "A sister died after years of torment - a true victim" Jameson: "I decided that would never be me and I left" Jameson: "I have been attacked as a person, a parent" Jameson: "I have problems even now, certain words make me shake" Jameson: "You know kissing sounds - repeated?

Promoted to sergeant in 2003, Sue returned to Intervention at Watford prior to posts on the Tactical Team and Vehicle Crime unit.

EMAIL: LOCATION: DATE: Tuesday April 08, 1997 IRC log is shortened in the interest of saving space here but NO words have been changed! (Lady Bear) ok, so the fbi knows about all of this? they're not on the internet (jams) wendy - did they?

Pink and Carey Hart's son, Jameson Moon Hart, may only be a few days old, but he's already melting hearts. 26, Pink and Carey have been sharing shots of their little bundle of joy on Instagram, including an adorable photo of their 5-year-old daughter, Willow, holding her new baby brother.

Jenna, 41, then went into explicit detail about her fictional fantasy involving Bobby and Sherrie Hewson."Bobby took the beautiful sexpot Sherrie from behind," she said."She wanted Bobby in every way imaginable."Once she had finished her explicit tale an aroused Bobby got to his feet to give Jenna a standing ovation."It was so good I have two standing ovations," he joked.

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