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In the rainy season, the level inside the cave almost entirely floods the underground galleries before forcing its way out through a huge grotto mouth. Source of the River Genal The source of the River Genal is an extraordinary location to visit.

The Genal rises within the municipality of Igualeja, 20 kilometres south of Ronda in the Genal Valley.

It is also worth mentioning that in Amathus site the world’s largest stone vase was found and it is now located at Paris, in the Louvre Museum.

The stone vase is a large limestone amphora and dates back to the 6th Century BC. Visitors and tourists can enjoy their walk around the ancient site by viewing rare and which were buried for centuries.

After flowing through the hamlet along a winding, stony course, the river crosses the upper Axarquia before flowing into La Vinuela reservoir.2.

Source of the River Guadalhorce At its source, the River Guadalhorce forms a terraced waterfall with a flow constant throughout the year.

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was conquered by a number of conquerors including Persians, Ptolemies, Romans and Byzantines. During the Archaic period, strong walls were built which were further strengthened during the Hellenistic period.

At the end it was destroyed and abandoned during the 7th century A. Later, the southeast walls were rebuilt while the north and east sections were restored in the face of the Arab threat in the 7th century.

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By the way, it was one of the world's largest cities at the time - 80 square kilometers and a population of 150 thousand. The pattern notches in stone were made for the blood to drip slowly into the bowels of which the sacrificers drank later. They were drowned in the pond with a quite big stone tied to the legs.

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