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well you can see yourself: The bride clearly knew me when she told me to 'zip it'.

(Yes I know I am gonna get a lot of Flak for liking Runescape.

Almost more surprising than its admirable performance at the track—planted, predictable, and consistent, with a lap time among the top 10 of the more than 200 vehicles we’ve now run at Lightning Lap—was its unexpectedly forgiving ride quality on the street.

Ever larger and heavier, with more luxury accoutrements, the latest, 991 generation of the 911 has lost some of its dynamic purity.

Anyone who’s driven a previous-gen 911 (997) back to back with the latest-issue 991 will agree that some of the steering’s sharpness and immediacy has been lost.

The GT3 RS, however, dials back in all of that directness and then some, via stiffer powertrain mounts, dampers, and suspension components, as well as overall weight loss.

Of course these marriages aren't that serious, at least most times.

Porsche basically built this one specifically to compete at Lightning Lap, and it has all the weight-saving options and almost no luxury add-ons.

I am sure a lot of us have visited 'Runescape marriages' although it seems they are less prevalent than they used to be.

• Combat works using three combat styles in a combat triangle and system of abilities.

The triangle is: Magic beats Melee, Melee beats Ranged, Range beats Magic.

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And sure enough, the steering wheel dances and twitches over undulating roads in a way that’s been lost in most modern sports cars.

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