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Most words are needed to name things not known to humans, but the terminology also comes in handy to use rough language without actually using it.

The words 'dren' and 'frell' are used so liberally that their meaning soon becomes clear.

It’s also one of the most genuinely sex-positive and female-positive series in the whole genre, presenting a world wherein women are complicated, strong, and as susceptible to faults as the male characters – in other words, genuine equals.

As an added bonus – there’s actually a good bit of lady-on-lady love, mostly through bisexual con woman Chiana.

Another set of words are measurements, which often sound very similar to equivalent human measurements.

Incidentally, this is yet another early indication of just how huge Moya is, as John is able to hide from him for 3 days on the ship.Other species, in particular the Nebari, utilize similar human-sized collars to control prisoners during transport.The official Peacekeeper currency, believed to be the equivalent of a post-dated cheque; a financial promise.They override most key systems making the Leviathan unable to Starburst or even navigate against the Peacekeepers' wishes.It can also be used to inflict pain in order to torture rebellious Leviathans into obeying Peacekeeper orders.

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One very “special” side effect of this whole phenomena, however, has been the fact that a whole slew of nerds are being exposed to my favorite series of all time — — for the very first time.

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