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"The chat was flooded with so much anime, we had to ban it in our main channel," Reza tells me.

WAFFLES's anime fans were understandably crushed by the blow and, for a while, the anime menace seemed to have been quelled.

But while Bieber and Gomez did the on and off romance malarkey for four years, their June reunion ended in accusatory Instagram posts from Selena and a seemingly tit-for-tat dating war via their social media accounts.

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But clearly Gomez took exception to what the photog was doing.

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Probably the most famous books banned in recent years are the Harry Potter and Twilight series.

The reason given for censoring the phenomenally popular and seemingly harmless novels was that they promoted "unchristian magic." A banned book is one that has been censored by an authority—a government, a library, or a school system.

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